Below is a chronologically ordered list of my published pieces, in addition to my current newsletter and old blog.

  • Oracle Advertising: A new approach to brand suitability: It’s time for advertisers to use a scalpel instead of an ax
    09 March 2022

    Ultimately, there is no one-size-fits-all advertising strategy. When it comes to your brand safety and brand suitability tactics, contextual intelligence is one component of an integrated, layered ad targeting approach. Brands need end-to-end solutions that offer prebid and postbid verification capabilities. They need tools that allow them to reach the right audiences at just the right time without blocking entire ad environments. And once a campaign is in motion, they need to measure and track results to gain insights that will allow them to optimize those campaigns in real-time.
  • The Drum: 3 downstream effects of your brand safety decisions
    04 May 2021

    Brand safety, and its evolution to brand suitability, now commands attention from every level of the organization. From the campaign manager to the chief marketing officer, each position must consider the implications of their choices. We all have a duty to support the health of the industry now and into the future.
  • The Drum: 5 ways to think about contextual intelligence for your digital campaigns
    05 February 2021

    Deciding what is appropriate or not for a brand can be very simple to understand yet challenging to achieve. Being able to successfully find and reach your audience will determine the success of your advertising campaign. Including contextual intelligence in your next campaign can ensure that you’re reaching audiences with relevant content in safe environments.
  • Full Stop: The Memory Police – Yoko Ogawa
    14 October 2019

    That there should be such ambiguity between perpetrator and victim is, it seems, part of the tragedy of totalitarianism: one can fully escape neither victimhood nor complicity.
  • Oracle Advertising: Brand safety has evolved, and so should your ad blocking strategy
    25 April 2019

    At its core, brand safety is a set of measures that protects a brand from appearing in unsafe or unsuitable environments. It continues to be a top priority among brands and publishers, but one of the key challenges is that brand safety is not one-size-fits-all. What is considered "brand-suitable" to BuzzFeed may not be considered the same for Clorox, making brand safety a tricky business. While ad verification services have made it easier to protect brands by safeguarding digital ad investments, understanding when to use each service is key to making advertising more accountable and effective.
  • Al Jazeera America: Trump's campaign is a farcical made-for-TV event
    16 September 2015

    There are many lenses through which one can analyze Trump's success in the polls. But the least analyzed aspect of his foray into politics is one that has taken shape over a much longer time frame: the vanishing distinction between politics and entertainment.
  • Full Stop: @War: The Rise of the Military-Internet Complex – Shane Harris
    20 November 2014

    In the wake of Edward Snowden’s revelations, it is the government’s enormous intrusion into all of our data that has proved most frightening, not its diminishing monopoly power vis-à-vis business in the arena of cyber-aggression.
  • The Brooklyn Quarterly: Antagonizing Principles
    26 August 2014

    Hillary Clinton represents a shift back to Bush-era foreign policy.
  • The New York Times: A Tale of Two Subway Platforms
    01 January 2014

    A brief anecdote on the trials of commuting in New York.
  • The Huffington Post: Days of Fire Generates More Heat Than Light
    26 November 2013

    A review of Peter Baker's book, 'Days of Fire: Bush and Cheney in the White House.'
  • Full Stop: Big Data, Slow Speeds
    30 July 2013

    A dual review of Susan Crawford's book, 'Captive Audience: The Telecom Industry and Monopoly Power in the New Gilded Age,' and Jaron Lanier's book, 'Who Owns the Future?'
  • The Huffington Post: Michael Bloomberg Wants to Buy Your Vote
    15 March 2013

    There is a virtually infinite supply of well-heeled citizens willing to throw money around in support of their political passions. But there is no guarantee that their pet causes will remotely resemble those of Michael Bloomberg.
  • Full Stop: When Public Data Is Too Public
    27 February 2013

    A reflection on the difference between data presence and accessibility.
  • Full Stop: Fear of Flying
    22 January 2013

    A personal tale of aviation-induced terror.
  • Full Stop: Presidential Reading
    27 December 2012

    What do American presidents read? Answer: a lot.
  • Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Television's junk: The Newsroom from nowhere
    26 July 2012

    Aaron Sorkin may have set out to create a profound media critique when he launched his HBO series "The Newsroom," but the show inadvertently became Exhibit A of all that is wrong with the media today.